Best Questions to Ask LM Williams Funding LLC

LMWilliamsFunding has continued to secure the best real estate deals throughout a multitude of cities and neighborhoods with no signs of stopping. We want you to join us on the ride of real estate profit, and our best FAQs post will do just that. We're covering a wide range of topics that are sure to answer what future and current clients have been asking to keep them on top of the real estate game. Continue reading and learn more about our great loan options today!

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"What Usually Determines Your Lending Rates?"

It always boils down to the property itself, its transaction type, and if the customer is under any of our special programs. Our private money lenders offer up to 90% of the purchase price with 65% of the as-is or after-repair appraised value. There are situations where we do provide 100% financing, generally when the offer is more than one property as collateral. A majority of our team utilizes a seller-carryback method to accomplish a parallel outcome to sharing half of a fantastic return so that someone that doesn't have free or clear real estate can still make a profit out of it.

Working in collaboration is key to finding the best undiscovered real estate opportunities. If you have any questions regarding current real estate values and their accompanying lending rates, give us a call. Knowledge will only help strengthen your skills for capitalizing on the opportunities in front of you.

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"What Determines a Good Deal?"

The context of current values and marketing trends is always important to gauge during real estate sales. If a market is saturated with alluring deals, it's going to be ironically harder to get a good one yourself without the proper assistance. Keeping a sharp eye for potential real estate deals in an area with less saturated competition is the recipe for golden opportunities. The work might seem daunting at first, but a little nudge of exploration will serve you well for getting an edge over the competition.

If you're curious about a current home looking like a good deal and aren't sure, contact us today, and we can provide insight on what could develop into a great business opportunity.

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"What Are Your Current Rates and Loan Origination Fees?"

Rental property loans will always be determined by our logical detection skills and our loans on asset values, which depend on your specific situation. Regardless, our competitive drive always holds the highest priority that serves the clients in their best interest in terms of profit.

If the property is owner-occupied, our rates and services have regulatory reasons not to surround owner-occupied contracts when talking rates. You also do not have to worry about credit as a deciding factor when we determine rates and loans. It all lies in the value and risk of asset ownership on the current property. But a high credit score could potentially help us get you a better rate.

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"What Is the Average Timespan for Closing a Transaction?"

Around three to four weeks is the average time of completion to close a transaction fully. The required documentation influences how long or short the transaction can take around that time span. If you want a fast transaction, having the required documentation prepared will save you a lot of time, which also helps beat any potential competition around the market.

LMWilliamsFunding is always looking to help make the best deals around for every customer we work with. Our priority is to close meaningful deals that benefit everyone involved as we continue to thrive and build upon professional development with our customers who share the same drive for success. If you're ready to find the best and most profitable deals on the market, get in touch with our team today and let us know your current goals.

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