What We Do at LM Williams Funding LLC

When it comes to providing the best rental property loans and private money lenders for real estate, LMWilliamsFunding is the team to work with. It is no surprise that working with competent real estate teams is important, and our team is here to bring that and more. Continue reading to learn what LMWilliamsFunding is made of, and contact us today with any future questions!


Modern Real Estate Ideals

Working in the modern real estate markets requires competency in recognizing key strengths and potential from the get-go. This, most importantly, includes recognizing great deals that aren't currently big on the radar of competitors. We work with every client to recognize and push the potential for the best deals anywhere in the country.

Speaking of deals, our ambition for revitalizing real estate lends itself towards our signature simplified quick loan process that allows customers to get real estate funding in as little as two weeks. With so many options catering to successful real estate at our disposal, working with us will get you the real estate assets you deserve in a timely and effective manner.


The Best Private Lenders Around

Getting each customer the real estate funding they need is always our number one priority. With the sheer number of diverse property investment deals that anyone will come across, we have prepared the best solutions for each, which include:

  • Cash Purchases: Money talks and our access to increase your upfront cash deals will strengthen your chances of getting the property deals you want.

  • Buy Pre-Foreclosed Homes: Often a giant hurdle in real estate with obstacles such as unpaid taxes and property liens awaiting. Our team knows how to navigate through all of these challenges to land you a great deal at the end of it all. This includes our aid in funding to beat the odds and get you the housing deal that you want.

  • Rehabilitation Projects: Our rehab loan combines the best of both worlds for your property purchases and renovation costs into one simple process for your real estate investment.

  • Buy-and-Hold Strategies: Our private money lending offers for buy-and-hold real estate investments will assist you in getting the funding you need for purchasing renovations for your property of choice. This will keep a firm responsible for the buyer to repay the loan.

Buy, Fix, and Flip: The right short-term loan will be your best tool for buying, fixing, and flipping real estate at an effective rate. Our solutions-specific private lending methods hone in on fixing and flipping projects for profit.


Professional Private Money Lenders

Our team keeps our client's options well varied and strong for whatever they do. From cash to rehab loans, we always base decisions on assets over credit scores to aim and achieve an abundance of beneficial rewards for our customers.

We also provide a stellar partnership program for any and all of our dedicated real estate investors that seek to get 100% of purchases, rehab, and closing costs. Get in touch with our team today for more information!


Versatile Lending

More is better, and in the real estate world, options attract paying customers that can work within their specific needs. Not only does our team keep lending options in abundance, but every property is prioritized for providing profit potential for our partnerships. These key traits lead to an effective combination of diverse options with high rates of satisfied customers.

Give us a call today!

LMWilliamsFunding puts a priority on great profit with great partnerships. We always aim to close meaningful deals that benefit everyone involved as we continue to thrive and build upon great working relations with our customers who share the same drive for success. If you're ready to find the best and most profitable deals on the market, get in touch with our team today and let us know your current goals.