Your #1 Private Money Lenders: LM Williams Funding, LLC

LMWilliamsFunding has continued to push the agenda of providing an effective funding process with profitable cash flow to our present and future clients alike. Continue reading to learn exactly how we are your #1 private money lenders, and learn more about our great team today!


Real Cash Purchases

We understand the innate drive and appeal of what makes a cash purchase so strong for property purchases. So much so that we always find and provide an appropriate level of cash for our customers to bring up their chances of securing a great purchase. This covers a wide range of property investments that we have experience in funding, so if you see a potential real estate opportunity, let us know, and go for it!

If you see yourself further pursuing profitable real estate opportunities, sign up for our partnership program today and start seeing great investment deals in no time.


Money for Pre-Foreclosed Homes

With challenges such as property liens and unpaid taxes aligned with pre-foreclosed homes, it can feel daunting to take on a proper lending solution for this. Thankfully, our experienced private money lenders have the expertise to navigate and take on the unique funding challenges of a wide variety of pre-foreclosed homes while maximizing profit opportunities for whoever we work with.

After applying for a loan, our team pushes the agenda for providing the essential funds for investors to start securing the real estate deals they deserve. Because we're private, we're not controlled to do excessive amounts of processing work with banks that could otherwise jeopardize a potential real estate deal.


Rehabilitation Projects

Private money lenders and rehabilitation projects go hand and hand when we're involved. If you see the potential in a rehabilitation project, let us know, and we'll execute our tried and true method for providing a well-thought-out financial plan to benefit your ambitions. Our private money lender execution on rehabilitation projects involves combining the purchase of the property with its costs of renovation. This simplification process allows for a more streamlined and easy-to-work-with real estate investment.


Buy-and-Hold Strategies

Our private money lending process for buy-and-hold real estate investments aims to provide every customer with the proper funding needed to purchase and renovate the property you're interested in. After setting up with a potential buyer, they will then be responsible for repaying the loans.

The buy-and-hold strategy covers a wide range of potential real estate opportunities that anyone can find. If you find something that piques your interest, reach out to our private money-lenders team, and we will assist you in finding the best solution possible.


Buy, Fix, and Flip

The cycle of good real estate comes from seeing opportunity at every potential moment. The private money lenders at LMWilliamsFunding put good money towards projects that could return a surplus of profit while lending towards a more refined and continuously appealing track record. We believe in the potential for any real estate opportunity and what it can provide the market and owners in terms of profit.

Our team is here for it if you see real estate that could use the perfect short-term loan to have it bought, fixed, or flipped. From minor renovations to complete reconstruction overhauls, we know potential when we see it!

LMWilliamsFunding puts a priority on being the best private money lender around. Our priority is to close meaningful deals that benefit everyone involved as we continue to thrive and build upon great working relations with our customers who share the same drive for success. If you're ready to find the best and most profitable deals on the market, get in touch with our team today and let us know your current goals.