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We’re all about funding real estate investments. Cash purchases, rehab projects, buy-and-hold strategies, and more — we make everything possible for property investors. We’re efficient, detail-oriented, and creative. Best of all, we base our loans on assets. Bad credit isn’t an issue. For private real estate funding with integrity, choose LMWilliamsFunding in Lakeland today.

Apply for a Loan

We’ve streamlined the loan process from application to funding. Thanks to the fact that we’re private, we aren’t bogged down with all of the busywork that makes banks so slow. Instead, we get to the point and get you the funding you need in as little as two weeks. Check out a rundown of our proven investor loans process below:

  1. You find a property with genuine profit potential and make an offer.

  2. You fill out our simple loan application.

  3. We quote your loan, research your property, and start the underwriting process.

  4. Thanks to our work ethic and thoroughness, the loan is closed and the property funded.

Partnership Program

For those that are dedicated investors, we offer an optional Partnership Program that qualifies you to get 100% purchase, 100% rehab, and 100% closing costs. To become partners with LMWilliamsFunding, simply come to us for funding on four of your deals. During the fifth deal, we will officially become partners. Once the deal closes, we share the profits. While this program is completely optional, it is a great opportunity for investors that are low on funds, as it will allow you to get a contract on a property and get funded with zero expenses out of pocket. Get in touch with us today with any questions!