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The competitive world of real estate investing moves quickly. Make sure you have the most competitive offer on the table every time. LMWilliamsFunding is a private money lender with the power to expedite the real estate funding process for investors, and we’re proud to lead the way when it comes to efficiency, integrity, and creativity. Contact our team today to get started!

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Our asset-based private loans at LMWilliamsFunding are perfect for investors who need funds for cash purchases, fix-and-flip projects, lien abatements, and more. Get in touch today.

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We’ve built an exceptional real estate funding process LMWilliamsFunding that can be completed in as little as two weeks. Bad credit and bankruptcy are not problems. Learn more today.

Code Abatement

"When violations are cited, violators are notified and provided a reasonable time to correct the violation. Violations that are not brought into compliance are scheduled for an administrative hearing before the City's Code Enforcement Board Hearing Officer or full Code Enforcement Board, where formal findings are issued and fines imposed for continued non-compliance. Code Enforcement also manages a lot cleaning and clearing program whereby unresolved violations are abated by a contractor, with the cost passed on to the property owner via special assessment."

If you are in the early stages of a code violation, fines in Polk County can go up to $500 a day and you stand a chance of losing your home. Contact LMWilliamsFunding before it’s too late.

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Too many times, banks stand in the way of people who want to fix and flip properties. We believe that the revitalization of real estate is important, which is why we offer flexible, private lending solutions. At LMWilliamsFunding in Lakeland, we’ve simplified the process and based it in assets rather than credit scores. As a result, we can get you real estate funding in as little as two weeks. Learn more today.

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Partnership Program

For our dedicated real estate investors, we have something special for you. When you come to us to fund four of your deals, on the fifth deal, we can become partners. By being partners with LMWilliamsFunding, you qualify to get 100% purchase, 100% rehab, and 100% closing costs.

When the deal closes, we share the profits. This will be an option however, you can do it the regular way if you choose. But, if you are low on funds, this will afford you to get a contract on a property, and get funded without any funds coming out of your pocket. Get in touch with our team today for more information!

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